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The last frontier- Space. You've seen Firefly, and longed to be a part of it, and fight side by side the crew of Serenity. To battle the Alliance. And now you have your chance.
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 Character Registraion

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Jevon Ecoaly
Jevon Ecoaly

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PostSubject: Character Registraion   Character Registraion EmptyTue Jul 07, 2015 9:36 am

Character Sheet Template
Position On Ship : -what job do you do on the ship-
Ship Employed On : -Choose one: Enigma, Voyager, Nemesis-
Appearance :
History :
Weapons : -what weapons is your character proficient with-
Jobs Done :-past jobs that your character may have done-


Name: Jevon Ecoaly
Position On Ship : Captain
Ship Employed On : Enigma
Appearance : He is a tall fit man. His hair is cut short and he is clean shaved. He still wears the brown duster from the war, although he’s made a few changes to it over time. He is usually friendly but when it comes to business he is all serious.
History : Jevon fought for the Browncoats during the war. Someone told him he was a fool to fight for them. He told them what he was doing was right and he still believes that. Even though the wars over he still fights and now… now he has some really work to do.
Weapons : Assault Rifle, Pistols
Jobs Done: Smuggling, Scavenging, Transporting
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Character Registraion
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