Serenity Valley~ A Firefly RP

The last frontier- Space. You've seen Firefly, and longed to be a part of it, and fight side by side the crew of Serenity. To battle the Alliance. And now you have your chance.
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 Rules and regulations

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Jevon Ecoaly
Jevon Ecoaly

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Rules and regulations Empty
PostSubject: Rules and regulations   Rules and regulations EmptyThu Jul 09, 2015 4:45 pm

  • All in character post must be at least 5 sentences long
  • All out of character post must be at least 5 words long unless said otherwise in a the thread
  • All character registrations most be sent and approved by an Admin first before you can start posting
  • Don't spam or double post.
  • Keep it PG-13, and if you have to curse do it in Chines like in show
  • There are three ships right now that you can choose from to be a part of the crew of: The Enigma, The Voyager, and The Nemesis, your only allowed to post in your ship area unless you've decided to have yours and another ship dock together, Planets are free range so anyone from the three ships can post there.
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Rules and regulations
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